Rumor roundup: Windows Phone 8 is the Schrödinger's Cat of upgrades

Two tablets, one phone, and one massive confusion about Windows Phone 8


Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Samsung’s feeling some quad-core jealousy, Microsoft’s “not really sure” about people getting Windows Phone 8 upgrades, and, surprise of surprises, there’s rumors of a smaller iPad. All chopped, grilled, and hashed up for you in today’s rumor roundup.

Microsoft signaling uncertainty about Windows Phone 8 upgrades for existing phones

Source: Ars Technica

Details: A Microsoft developer evangelist said (in a quirky translated video interview) that Microsoft has stated all existing Windows Phone models will receive version 8, “Apollo.” But Microsoft won’t issue any such statement or confirm that notion, and insiders and carrier players are noting that it’s not entirely up to Microsoft to deliver these updates. Carriers are, as Android owners know, reluctant to put out for the testing and support of such upgrades.

Likelihood: Oh, I’d say there’s a 100 percent chance that Microsoft is having a rough time with the reality of carrier-driven smartphone software. They don’t have Apple’s position of strength to negotiate all-or-nothing deals (or the ability to push out updates via iTunes, perhaps the one thing for which iTunes is still very necessary). And the more phones they put out, the more phones they have to consider leaving behind.

Get excited?: Oh, that’s just mean.

Galaxy SIII debuting May 3

Source: The Next Web

Details: The only rumor part is wondering if this could be anything except the Galaxy SIII, which has been followed by every blog on this planet and will almost immediately be followed by rumors of the Galaxy SIV. Could it be a tablet, though? Something else?

Likelihood: 85% that it’s the SIII.

Get excited?: I almost feel bad for SIII fans, as no phone could match the same kind of energy that’s been put into its speculation.

“iPad Mini” gets another ping on the rumor radar

Source: Chinese site NetEase, but better to go with Wired’s farther-reaching take.

Details: Anywhere between 7-8 inches, between $250 and $300, and supposedly under either production or heavy testing right this moment.

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