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Oracle Database Appliance Best Practices



    Simplify Database Management with Oracle Database Appliance Deployment Scenarios

    Business users increasingly demand 24x7 availability of their data while IT departments face the challenge of ensuring maximum availability while operating with limited budgets.

    By deploying Oracle Database Appliance organizations can benefit from a reliable system that significantly reduces the time spent on routine system administration and maintenance, lowering operational costs, and allowing IT personnel to focus on higher value activities. Using proven deployment best practices, midsize customers and enterprise departments alike can quickly integrate Oracle Database Appliance into their backup, test, development, and production environments. And since Oracle Database Appliance is based on Intel® Xeon® processors, organizations can ensure a high level of performance and scalability.

    Join Oracle Database Appliance experts Tammy Bednar, David Swanger, and Intel expert Fabrizio Giamello for this live Webcast and learn how to:

    * Achieve a high quality of service at the lowest cost
    * Reduce up-front investment in hardware and software
    * Implement best practices across a multitude of deployment scenarios

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