Why are women so underrepresented in IT careers?


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Males have traditionally been over-represented in science, math and engineering fields.  However, this is changing, with females now constituting the majority of college graduates.  There is also decreased social pressure for gender specific occupations.  For example, male nurses used to be unusual, now it is so common as to go unnoticed.  I suspect this will take place with women in IT over time as well.  To some degree it already is, with an increasing number of women IT professionals evident in my corner of the world, although the majority are still men. 


I also have a pet theory, that is only supported by my own empirical "data": more females are playing video games, so there will be likely be more female IT professionals in the future.  Most of the younger guys I know in IT either are active gamers, or at least have a gaming background.  I think gaming experience "primes the pump" for people to become interested in technology.  It also personifies hardware in a way that is unique.  If you think I am exaggerating, just go to a gaming site and read the fanboy posts, then tell me that they don't feel an emotional connection to the hardware.  So looking into my crystal ball, I predict greater gender equality in IT jobs as gender equality occurs in gaming.  It may just be my crackpot theory, but I'll still throw it out there.    

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