How can I get rid of image burn-in on an LCD display?


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It was a widespread myth for a while that transmissive displays like LCD weren't subject to image persistence aka burn-in, but it is more accurate to say that they are less subject to burn-in than phosphor based displays such as CRTs and color plasma.  The good news is that on an LCD it can usually be reversed, on a CRT it is usually permanent.  


We used this fact when I was in college to amuse ourselves at the expense of one of our friends.  He had a very jealous girlfriend who was always in our dorm suite and drove the rest of us crazy.  After he left for spring break, we put a rather, um, revealing  image on his computer monitor in his dorm room.  And left it there for well over a week.  You can imagine the rest.  Ah, good times, good times.       


I would suggest powering down your display for at least 48 hours, then if the image is still persistent, try the white screen thing or display static, which is one other thing that I have tried to correct burn on LCDs is displaying static.  The theory is that the rapidly cycling white/black essentially resets the offending parts of the display with stuck pixels.  You can also make a screen saver that alternates between black and white images.  It may take a long time, as in days, to fade the persistent image away, but it should improve.  There are no guarantees though. 

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