What are you looking forward to seeing at E3 next week?


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Easy: the new Nintendo Wii U.  Even though I am more of a PC gamer, there is no denying that game consoles have a huge impact on technology adoption for the average consumer.  The PS3 pushed Blu-Ray discs into many living rooms that wouldn't be watching them otherwise.  High speed internet demand is driven in part by the demands of gamers, and all modern game systems allow streaming video through services such as Netflix and Hulu to be easily piped into the living room and onto the family TV.  You can use your X360 for Skype, and the X360 was the vehicle that delivered gesture based control to the public before it was applied to PCs.  The original Wii is to motion control which was also an interface revolution.  Gaming drives hardware development for PCs as well.  Think those graphics cards would be as awesome as they are if it wasn't for gaming?  Not a chance.  


The new Nintendo Wii U console will be interesting because it may be the first of the next generation systems.  We will know once we see the hardware specs.  It has been a long time since Nintendo had hardware that was superior that that of Microsoft or Sony.  How it continues to integrate video, gaming and connectivity into the living room environment will be interesting, especially considering it uses a type of tablet for control input.  

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