Sony shows off new, exclusive JK Rowling content at its E3 Press Conference


Sony announced their first partner to come out with a 3rd party "Playstation Certified" handset, and it was HTC, though which handset it was wasn't made clear. I think Sony needs to start going back and certifying existing hardware if they want to gain any traction.

And those were the high points. I was happy to see some new IPs being introduced rather than sequel after sequel, and I personally am a lot more excited about Sony's lineup than I am about what Microsoft had to offer, but again I have to emphasize that I'm not a FPS shooter fan. Sony's titles seem more skewed towards adventure and narrative and 3rd person action over staring down a gunsight.

Tomorrow morning, Nintendo gets its day in the sun. With the Wii U up its sleeve Nintendo ought to be able to 'win' E3, but we'll see!

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