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New Strategies for Smarter Insurance Underwriting using Business Rules

White Paper


    The profitability of your underwriting decisions is based on how well you can predict potential risks and revenue. The underwriting strategies you implement affect policy approval rates, premiums, tier distribution, customer retention, loss ratios and much more. Successful strategies win you the right kinds of business from the right kinds of policy holders. Poor strategies put you at a competitive disadvantage and reduce your bottom line.

    In this white paper, FICO shares strategies to optimize insurance decisioning through the use of business rules management, predictive modeling, mathematical optimization and decision analysis.

    By downloading this white paper, you will:
    - Gain an overview of an iterative approach to managing and optimizing underwriting strategies
    - Learn how insurance industry leaders make consistent underwriting decisions in real time
    - Understand how optimized strategies can be designed to improve key metrics like profit and response; allowing you to identify the best action every time

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