Oracle: Java upgrades still worthwhile despite postponed features

Java EE 7 and Java SE 8 will offer new capabilities in JavaScript programming and multicore processors, but PaaS cloud enhancements have been deferred

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With Java SE 8, Oracle will not have Project Jigsaw's modularity capabilities, which will be postponed until Java SE 9. Java Development Kit 8, though, which would be based on Java SE 8, will feature Project Nashorn capabilities for JavaScript programming. "This is a modern implementation of JavaScript that runs on the JVM," said Georges Saab, Oracle vice president of development. "The attempt here is to bring a fresh architectural approach that takes advantage of InvokeDynamic in order to have high performance." InvokeDynamic technology helps Java better accommodate other languages besides Java.  Java SE 8 also offers Project Lambda capabilities, to accommodate multicore processors. 

Oracle officials also talked about Project Easel, which is intended to bring advanced tooling for HTML5 to the NetBeans IDE. The project leverages Java EE and supports Oracle's Project Avatar,  which has featured a hybrid programming model for dynamic rich clients.

Also in Java news Sunday, AMD announced it is collaborating with Oracle on Project  "Sumatra." This project will enable GPUs (graphics processing units) to be leveraged within the JVM for use in processing data and has been accepted as an OpenJDK project.  Sumatra will let developers access GPUs for compute and data processing capabilities rather than just for visual effects. AMD anticipates Sumatra capabilities being be implemented in the Java SE 9 timeframe.

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