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Forrester Workload Automation Paper commissioned by BMC

White Paper


    BPM Business

    At BMC, we believe that unified workload automation is the future of job scheduling. So we decided to prove it. We commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the benefits of workload automation. Who needs it? Why? Is there a more strategic way to schedule jobs across the enterprise? How can workload automation help IT better serve the business?

    Forrester answered our questions by surveying almost 500 IT professionals to get their take on the topic. In this study, "Industrializing IT Workload Automation," you'll read how the folks on the ground in IT today responded and how Forrester interprets those results. The analysis includes:
    -Costs of different scheduling solutions
    -Problems with unmanaged multiple job schedulers
    -Challenges in implementing automation
    -Increase in business user satisfaction due to workload automation
    -And more.

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