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Converged Storage: Advances in Deduplication Help Tame Big Data

White Paper


    A converged storage strategy can help companies more easily deal with the various storage challenges they face, including the increasing amounts of unstructured data they must manage. Also known as big data, unstructured data includes any data that is not in a structured database format. That's everything from e-mail to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, to video and audio recordings.

    Read this white paper sponsored by HP + Intel to learn how companies can more easily address the four pain points of data deduplication:
    - Shrinking backup windows amid ever-increasing amounts of data
    - Increasingly difficult disaster recovery processes, including use of tape that must be transported to and from a backup site
    - Lights-out data protection requirements for remote and branch offices where no IT personnel are onsite
    - The need for rapid file restore, which involves finding the right tape and matching files with compatible backup systems

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