Inside IBM's Linux Technology Center

By Joe Barr, |  Development

How about the old bugaboo that gives our founding editor, Nicholas Petreley, such frustration: standards for Linux. Frye said that programming standards will arrive this summer. You don't think Linux can prevail without structured testing? The LTC is big into test, and is currently assembling a team that will work exclusively on open source test cases for Linux and will continuously test versions of the kernel. Frye said the team will tackle things that are not currently tested in a structured way, such as mixing application workloads, stress testing, and peak workload testing.

Regardless of IBM's motives -- whether the company sees Linux as an opportunity to steal potential customers from Sun or Microsoft, or free software in general as an inevitability better dealt with sooner than later -- I have to give Big Blue credit for the work it is doing to make Linux run faster and jump higher. And for doing so as a positive member of the community.

What do you think? Do you trust IBM? Do you think it provides a model for large software companies' participation in the free software community? Let me know by posting your thoughts in the Linux forum or writing me a note.


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