Ericsson president says cut cords from the Internet |  Networking

Hellström's keynote was packed with optimistic growth projections for mobile subscribers as well as powerful claims that the mobile Internet will spark "the birth of an everyday revolution." Responding to this future outlook, keynote attendee Rene Labrosee, founder of Alpha In Time Management System, in Montreal, said research holds the key to the industry's development.

"Every company here [at Comdex] has their own vision of the future. We don't know if it will be true the way they say it will be. Nobody knows where the mobile communications industry will go. But forward-looking companies like Ericsson "put more pressure on the [industry] to accept that vision," Labrosee said.

"A lot of the future development of the mobile Internet depends on research and development. Research will have a big impact on whether it lives up to expectations," Labrosee said.

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