Rise of the Techno-marketer

By Melanie Menagh , ITworld |  Opinion

There are plenty of opportunities for IT professionals with marketing
expertise and for marketing people who know IT.

"In the last three weeks, I've talked to 10 companies, putting together
solutions, from digital video editing to wireless speech technologies,"
Madabusi says. "I don't see a saturation point for demand for IT
marketers in the foreseeable future. There are a lot of ground-floor
and mezzanine opportunities for people just entering the field."

As for salary, Madabusi declined to give specific numbers but says, "If
you're a marketing person, you won't be slaving away for nothing.
Salaries are very competitive - definitely on the higher end of the
professional spectrum. Most companies will provide you with incentives,
bonuses and enough little tickers along the way to make it very

These pleasant perks aren't for nothing. The job brings with it many
challenges. Competition is first and foremost.

"Competitors are just as hungry, just as smart as you," says
Madabusi. "We not only have to keep ahead of them, we have to make sure
clients understand we're ahead of them. My top competitor in four years
may be someone I might not [have] even heard of, starting up

Says Madabusi: "It is very exciting to work in this collaborative,
creative way. When you see a car or a plane or a golf club or whatever
else your solutions have helped to produce, it's very exciting."

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