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By Jim Pile, ITworld |  Opinion

We recently published a tip on opening My Computer in the Explorer
view. By editing the Registry, we did it the hard way. As a number of
readers pointed out, this is not really necessary.

Reader Ryan C. sends this note:

"Here is an easier way to change this option other than going into
RegEdit. Double-click My Computer and then choose View, Options.
Next, click the File Types tab. Now, select Folder and click the
Edit button. You will see the word 'Open' highlighted. To change
this to Explorer, select 'Explore' by left-clicking on it once and
then clicking the Set Default button. Now click OK and OK.

From now on, when you open My Computer, it will be in Explore mode."

Several readers also pointed out that you can right-click My Computer
and choose Explore to open in the Explorer view.

Also, while we're on the subject of My Computer, reader John M. wonders
how many users know that you can right-click My Computer and choose
Manage to access to disk and user management features.

Also, holding down Alt while you double-click My Computer, opens the
System Properties dialog box.

Thanks to all who sent information on setting the Explorer view and
other My Computer tips.

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