Snow Leopard debuts, FBI investigates laptops

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This is traditionally a slow news week in IT, and this year did not break with that tradition, leaving us time to enjoy the waning days of warm weather here in Boston between following the flurry of reports about Apple's new OS, which captured the lion's (or the leopard's as it were) share of major headlines. Otherwise, we had some odd stories, what with U.S. governors receiving mysterious shipments of laptops, with a fair bit of news also coming to us out of China.

1. Snow Leopard: Complete coverage, Spotlight on Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard: What's new for all users and Snow Leopard versus Windows 7: IDG sites offered comprehensive coverage of Apple's new Mac OS X, dubbed "Snow Leopard," with news, analysis, reviews and slideshows.

2. FBI investigating laptops sent to US governors: U.S. governors in 10 states have mysteriously been sent Hewlett-Packard computers that no one in the governors' offices apparently ordered, prompting the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation to step in amid worries that the computers might harbor malicious software.

3. Canadian probe prompts Facebook privacy policy change: Facebook will tighten its privacy controls over the next 12 months in response to recommendations from the Canadian government. We'll keep in mind that Canada was able to push forward these changes, which Facebook users have clamored for, the next time we need action on an issue.

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