Harry Potter: Spells for iPhone

By Meghann Myers, Macworld.com |  Personal Tech, Harry Potter, iphone games

It's quite exciting when do you cast a spell accurately, but only in contrast to the desperation you feel after 10 minutes of wildly waving your iPhone around trying to get it just right. Try to keep a tight grip, lest you toss the phone across the room, or become so frustrated you chuck it on purpose.

As Harry Potter is primarily marketed to the tween and young adult set, it's unlikely that a huge number of them are sporting iPhones and iPod touches. And if they are, the $5 price tag might be prohibitively expensive. In any case, Harry Potter fanatics are sure to download the game in droves, and like myself, they will find out just how hard spell-casting really is.

[Meghann Myers is an editorial intern for Macworld magazine.]

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