Confessions of tech hoarders

How much hardware do you have hidden in your home's nooks and crannies?

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Lurking, plotting against us

A blast from the past

This is my top left desk drawer, and right there in the midst of an admittedly disorganized pile of stuff that I actually use fairly regularly is a Handspring Visor PDA, purchased circa 1999, last used regularly in late 2003 when I finally joined the modern age and bought a cell phone with PDA capabilities. I think I kept this because I planned to use it as a handheld calculator. You may have noticed that they have calculator programs on computers now.

While writing this article, I popped some new batteries into the Visor and -- what do you know -- it still works great. Of course, all my contact and calendar data is gone. Fortunately I still have that syncing cradle.

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