The World's Worst PowerPoint Presentations

Yes, people who think that it's okay to put 100 graphs on one slide do exist.

By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal, PC World |  Offbeat, PowerPoint, slideshow

The Endless "Summary"

Filling an entire PowerPoint slide with text is never a great idea--especially not when the content is printed in 10-point type and is three or four times longer than the Gettysburg Address. Even worse is the idea of using an impenetrable slab of 10-point text to provide an "executive summary" of the ensuing presentation. It's hard to imagine what useful thing the presenter thought this slide would accomplish--no one is going to want to read the text, and if the presenter does so, what's left to say in the presentation?

The most chilling part of this cautionary tale? The audience hasn't even seen the entire "executive summary" yet--it continues on the next slide.

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