Lego builder creates massive Hogwarts Castle display

Massive structure took a year to create, more than 400,000 bricks


As someone who just help his son build the Lord Vampyre's Castle Lego set over the course of two weeks (only to see him break it a few days later), I can fully appreciate the time and effort it takes to build one of these sets.

But I think I would go insane if I attempted what Alice Finch, a Lego master, did with this re-creation of Hogwarts Castle from the Harry Potter movies. Taking more than 12 months to complete and 400,000-plus bricks, Finch's creation went beyond the sets that Lego creates.

Photos of the complete set are available here - via Oddity Central - and you can also watch this video, taken by Lego video blogger BrickSpy:

The amazing part of this whole tale is that Finch says she plans to allow her two kids to play with the set.

"Apart from building her very own piece of the Harry Potter universe, she wanted her two boys to be able to play in all the spaces where the story takes place, and now her eldest son is already staging his little adventures in this fantastic play set."

My one piece of advice - get ready for a lot of repair work.

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