Squee alert: New Mr. Peabody & Sherman trailer

This looks like a kids' version of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


A new trailer today hit the InterWeb for the coming-in-March animated film "Mr. Peabody & Sherman". For middle-age-or-older fans of the Rocky & Bullwinkle TV show, you may remember the time-traveling duo that featured a boy and his much-smarter talking dog, but as far as my kids are concerned, it's just another cool animated movie for me to take them to.

Luckily for geeky adults, this movie features time travel, and the trailer has a "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" vibe to it, where the duo brings back historical figures from the past to the present-day. So this movie should be more enjoyable than some other recent animated fare (I'm looking at you, "The Nut Job" and "Free Birds").

Between this film and February's "The LEGO Movie", the late-winter, early spring movie season for kids (and their nerdy parents) should be good enough while we wait for the summer movie season, which kicks off earlier this year in April with "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"). Huzzah!

What do you think? Do you plan on seeing this movie in March? Let me know in the comments.

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