Watch this Lego Movie Simpsons Couch Gag mashup

Characters from hit Lego Movie and The Simpsons in glorious stop-motion animation


With the release of The Simpsons' house Lego set in stores, as well as the supreme popularity of The Lego Movie in theaters, it was only a matter of time before some enterprising stop-motion animators took advantage of the new toys to create some great viral videos.

And create they did - check out this stop-motion video of the typical "couch gag" from The Simpsons, using bricks from The Simpsons House set (only $200!), as well as appearances from sets from The Lego Movie. Thank you, MonsierCaron!

Once Lego starts putting out more Simpsons-themed sets, you can bet we'll see even longer opening sequences as well as other awesome clips. And if the rumors about the Lego Doctor Who sets come to pass, imagine the possibilities there as well.

[Courtesy: MonsieurCaron on YouTube.]

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