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Who is baffled by the BlackBerry Storm? Who thought running a botnet might be just a bit of fun? Who is feeling the hurt? Can you match the quote to the quoted? Go on, give it a whirl!

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The quotes

1. "I haven't found a soul who tried this machine who wasn't appalled, baffled or both."

2. "Michael Dell looks at building new buildings in order to make money, and not making money in order to build buildings."

3. "We have removed the KnowledgeBase article because it was old and inaccurate."

4. "I knew it was illegal. I just didn't think it was that bad. Like, just a bit of fun, as you do when you're a teenager."

5. "As a public service broadcaster they have a responsibility to clearly inform users of the potential impact to their broadband service and punitive charges they might incur through accessing high quantities of this content."

6. "The big players are feeling the hurt as well. Right now, everybody is beating each other up in price. If some are going to die off anyway, what's the sense in buying them?"


The quoted

A. Apple spokesman Bill Evans explaining why the company removed a much-discussed support page from its Web site that recommended Mac users purchase antivirus software

B. Richard Shim, personal computing research manager at IDC predicting the collapse of some small PC makers and a restructuring of the rest of the industry

C. Rick Becker, VP, Software and Solutions Enterprise Product Group at Dell, explaining how the company came to be an expert in data center optimization

D. New York Times technology guru David Pogue in his review of the BlackBerry Storm, which he has labeled "the BlackBerry Dud"

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