10 Seriously Ridiculous Hacks

Use a rubber band to hold your phone on your head? Why not? But we'd caution against stringing an extension cord to the swimming pool to power your gadgets.

By Sarah Jacobsson, PC World |  Offbeat, hardware hacks, slideshow

Computer Fan Repair

Bucket: Found in the trash

Dictionary: $5 at a garage sale

Leaf-blower: Wife bought it for my birthday

Look on my tech-buddies' faces when they see my sweet new fan: Priceless

Yessirree, folks, instead of following something similar to our handy little repair guide, this computer owner decided to have a go at it all by himself.

Perhaps this fix-it guru didn't have the money to spring for an extra computer fan? It appears as if he just poked around his garage until he found something that would do the trick.

And, wow, look at the size of that thing! Let this be a lesson to you, wayward computers--overheating will not be tolerated.

Photo: Courtesy of Thereifixedit.com

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