20 Goofy USB Gadgets & Gizmos You'll Love

These 20 gizmos, from cubicle stink-busters to toasters that print the morning news on your breakfast, could lower the stress quotient at even the highest-pressure offices.

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USB Toilet Speakers

Image credit: USB.Brando.com

Distributor: USB.Brando.com

Price: $13 plus shipping for one USB toilet speaker

What It Is: Toilet-tank-inspired mini-speaker for MP3- and digital-media-players, notebook- and desktop-computers, portable gaming systems, handhelds and other products with 3.5mm headset ports.

Why You Want It: Those expensive Bose speakers sure do sound nice, but can you get a set to match your favorite latrine? Harmon Kardons with a moveable toilet seat? No way, no how.

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