The best open source networking software: 2010

InfoWorld's Test Center picks the top open source networking software and administration tools of 2010

By Doug Dineley, James R. Borck, Martin Heller, Paul Venezia, High Mobley, InfoWorld |  Open Source, NAS, network monitoring

Bossie 2010 winner: Hyperic HQ

Hyperic HQ is an enterprise monitoring platform, available in a limited community and an extensive commercial edition, that shines at managing Web infrastructures. Since being acquired by VMware, Hyperic has pushed a series of releases that beef up monitoring of virtualized infrastructures as well. Notably, integration with VMware's vCenter Server makes it possible now to introspect your ESX/ESXi hosts, detect application components, ping them for availability, and even monitor for vMotion migrations. Hyperic HQ is even smart enough to differentiate between properly shut down hosts and crashes, reducing the number of false alerts. The new 4.4 release adds SNMP 3 support, deeper Windows event logging, and an overhauled API for custom access.

License: GPL v2

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