How to Save $2,325 Per Desktop on Business Software

If you choose these free, open source alternatives to expensive proprietary software a business can save a bundle

By Katherine Noyes, PC World |  Open Source, Open Source Software

4. Instead of: Microsoft Word

Try: Writer, AbiWord or KWord

After years of using, I've become a big fan of AbiWord. Whichever you choose, though, I doubt you'll find there's much--if any--learning curve.

5. Instead of: Microsoft Powerpoint

Try: Impress or KPresenter and both deliver once again with excellent alternatives to Microsoft Office, which is priced starting at $279.99.

6. Instead of: Microsoft Excel

Try: Calc or Gnumeric

Gnumeric can read files saved with other spreadsheets. It also offers a customizable feel that can minimize the transition from proprietary software.

7. Instead of: Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress

Try: Scribus or KWord

InDesign at $699 and Quark at $799 are excellent candidates for free, open source replacements.

8. Instead of: Adobe Illustrator

Try: InkScape, Draw or Skencil

Replace a $599 package of Illustrator, and you'll have significant extra funds to spend on something else.

9. Instead of: Dreamweaver

Try: KompoZer, Nvu, SeaMonkey, Amaya or Bluefish

Adobe Dreamweaver may be popular, but--at $399--it's also an expensive proposition, particularly in light of the many free alternatives available. My favorites are Nvu and KompoZer.

10. Instead of: QuickBooks

Try: GnuCash, PostBooks or Grisbi

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