Ubuntu made ... fun! (Book Review: Ubuntu Made Easy)


Q: Why don´t you see penguins in Britain?
A: Because they´re afraid of Wales

But, if you did, they'd probably be reading this fun new book -- Ubuntu Made Easy: A Project-Based Introduction to Linux, no starch press, 2012 is the most easy-to-read, properly pitched and fun Linux book that I've ever read.

The first thing that's likely to grab your attention about this book is the witty way the authors have titled their chapters. From "Becoming a Penguinista" to "Wounded Wings", you are constantly reminded that this is not just a book about Linux, specifically Ubuntu, but this is a *fun* book about Linux. Your eyes are then likely to settle on the subtitle "a project-based introduction to Linux", suggesting that you're going to be led through this introduction to Linux with an eye toward getting specific things accomplished. That's like the difference between learning solid geometry on paper and learning it when you're building a house and have to make sure that the various lengths of timber are going to fit together and the walls will turn out square -- OK, rectangular!

Whether or not you appreciate the humorous references throughout the text or the die hard devotion of the authors to all things penguin, you are bound to appreciate the focus on how to get things done. In stark contrast to "learn these twelve ever so important Linux commands", learn how to ...

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