OpenStack Foundation launches

OpenStack's guardians promise a transparent development process for the stack of open source cloud software

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The process to create the bylaws was an "open and collaborative process," Evans said. The group posted drafts of the documents online and solicited input from the community. "It was a great exercise in an open collaborative process," Evans said.

Not everyone thought the process was as open as it could be, however.

Overall, the organizers did a good job at setting up the foundation, though the process to create the organization and its bylaws could have been more open, said Krishnan Subramanian, the principal analyst and founder of Rishidot Research who follows OpenStack.

"My main worry has been that there has been some lack of transparency in their dealings. This is an open source project. I expect them to be transparent," Subramanian said. While much of the discussion around the forming of the foundation took place on public mailing lists, other decisions were made behind closed doors, creating the impression of "back office dealings," Subramanian said. And during the most recent board room meeting, some of the members advocated keeping some of the discussions private, Subramanian said.

"As they move forward, they should keep things transparent. That is the only way an open source project can succeed," Subramanian said.

Now that the foundation has been created, the organization will look for up to a dozen people to hire to handles tasks such as testing the software, building the community and managing activities around the OpenStack trademark, Bryce said.

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