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Today in Open Source: Tons of free apps and games. Plus: Linux Mint 15 Xfce install guide, and Ubuntu versus Debian!

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You can check out a list of new features, and update all of your packages after doing the install.

Tecmint is a new site for me, but I'm liking what I see a lot. Be sure to check it out. It seems to have quite a bit of good Linux tips and how-tos on it. I've bookmarked it, and I'll be checking it regularly.

Ubuntu Versus Debian on the Desktop
Hopping back to Datamation's site, I noticed they had a comparative review of Ubuntu and Debian. You might want to check it out if you're not sure which one to use on the desktop.

I've got to vote for Debian, it's the granddaddy of Linux distributions and it has so much to offer. However, I know that some folks really like Ubuntu, and that's fine. To each his/her own, and all that.

The article covers the following:

Distro Installation
Desktop Experience
Software Management
Odds and Ends

The point here is Debian requires more hands-on user experience. Some folks will prefer this, while others may balk at the very idea of making Linux on the desktop a deeper experience.

So is Debian a solid alternative to Ubuntu? Yes, if you're willing to adjust your expectations.

For those users willing to learn how Linux works and who have no problem with spending a little extra time adding in needed repositories for additional hardware support, Debian is a fantastic option. Easier to use than Arch Linux, Debian still provides its users with a speedy, stable desktop you can rely on for many years to come.

More at Datamation

What's your take on Ubuntu versus Debian? Which one do you use? Tell me in the comments below, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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