The five best distros based on Ubuntu

Today in Open Source: The five best Ubuntu spins! Plus: Twenty five free intelligent Android games, and eight apps for Linux system administrators

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The Five Best Distros Based on Ubuntu
Tech Radar has a roundup of the five best distros based on Ubuntu. Ubuntu, as you probably already know, has tons of spins since many developers use it as a base for their distros.

Are you a Linux desktop user who loves Ubuntu but is wary of Unity? You're in luck. There are lots of Ubuntu spins, both from Canonical and independent developers, which preserve the basic infrastructure and essence of Ubuntu but replace the default Unity desktop.

More at Tech Radar

Here are their five best Ubuntu-based distros:

Ubuntu GNOME
Bodhi Linux
Zorin OS

This roundup is a bit odd though, it omits what is probably the most popular Ubuntu spin ever: Linux Mint. Yep, Linux Mint is not on this list, but other lesser-known distros such as Zorin OS and Bodhi Linux are included.

Don't get me wrong, I like Zorin OS and Bodhi too. But I'm flabbergasted that Linux Mint wasn't included here. Just look at the rankings on DistroWatch and you'll see that Linux Mint inevitably appears near the top of the list, often ranking higher than Ubuntu itself.

And let's not forget that when Canonical released Ubuntu with Unity, Linux Mint was probably the single biggest beneficiary as many Ubuntu users decamped to Mint. I wonder what the editors at Tech Radar were thinking when they created this list?

Perhaps they just wanted to add a couple of distros that are a little off the beaten path or something. What's your take on this? What distros would you have included in this list? Tell me in the comments.

Twenty Five Free Intelligent Games for Android
Datamation has a good list of twenty five free intelligent games for Android. I always like games like these, they give you something to wrap your mind around, instead of the usual mind-numbing fare in so many games today.

Admit it—all those meetings are mind-numbing. So other than slurping coffee by the gallon, what can you do to snap out of brain fog, sharpen your wits and have a little fun while you’re at it? Brainiac game apps ought to do it!

Here is a list of 25 intelligent game apps to get you started.

More at Datamation

I did my own roundup of Twenty Five Free Android Games a while back. My list didn't focus on brain games, but there's still some good stuff in there if you are looking for Android games that won't cost you any money.

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