Install FrostWire 5.7.4 in Linux Mint 17

Add the FrostWire BitTorrent client to your Linux Mint 17 computer

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FrostWire 5.7.4 is a BitTorrent client that you can add to Linux Mint 17. This release of FrostWire includes the following features:

Send Large Files and Folders
Full featured BitTorrent client
Sends downloaded files to iTunes
Magnet Link compatible
Search SoundCloud and Archive
Built-in Video Player

Wi-Fi sharing for Mac, PC, Android
Search inside .torrents and the cloud
No Spyware. Guaranteed.
Internet Radio support
New Media Library and Audio Player
Completely Free & Open Source!

Here's how you can install FrostWire 5.7.4 in Linux Mint 17:

1. Open a terminal window.

2. Type in the following commands then hit Enter after each:

sudo apt-get install gdebi


sudo gdebi frostwire-5.7.4.all.deb

3. Use this command to remove FrostWire:

sudo apt-get remove frostwire

Install FrostWire 5.7.4
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