Apache retires HiveMind component project

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The Apache Software Foundation has retired HiveMind, an Inversion of Control framework, due to inactivity.

HiveMind was a reusable component from version 4 of the Tapestry project and built up its own independent community, an Apache representative said. Tapestry is an Apache framework for building scalable Web applications in Java and Tapestry IOC has become the successor to HiveMind.

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HiveMind was moved into the Apache "Attic" this month. Apache is asking that anyone who chooses to fork HiveMind outside of Apache should let Apache know so it can link to the project.

HiveMind services were "Plain Old Java Objects" that could be accessed and combined. Users could provide complex configuration data to services in a user-defined format.

The HiveMind user mailing list remains open while project resources continue to be available in a read-only state.

Apache Attic was developed in November 2008 to provide process and solutions for when an Apache project has reached end of life status.

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