Red Hat falling behind Ubuntu in enterprise sector, Shuttleworth claims

Ubuntu founder highlights OS's market share gains compared to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

By Jon Gold, Network World |  Operating Systems, Linux, Mark Shuttleworth

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Mark Shuttleworth, creator of the Ubuntu, said in a blog post Wednesday that his open source operating system is becoming more popular than rival Red Hat Enterprise Linux among large business users.

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Shuttleworth provided a graph, apparently from, indicating that Ubuntu market share among public web service users surpassed that of RHEL sometime in June 2011. Currently, according to that information, Ubuntu is leading its rival by roughly 6 million users.

"The trend is even starker if you look at what we know of new-style services, like clouds and big data, but since most of that happens behind the firewall [it's] all anecdata, while web services are a public affair," he wrote.

Shuttleworth credited improved testing and quality assurance procedures at Ubuntu maker Canonical for the upswing, as well as close collaboration between that company and the OpenStack project.

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