Top IT tools for Mac OS X

15 handy troubleshooting and productivity tools for Mac-loving server and network admins.

By Brian Chee, InfoWorld |  Apple, Mac OS X


Wi-Fi is a fickle beast, changing its behavior at the drop of a hat… or more accurately at the drop of some plants, file cabinets, or other office furnishings. Doing a heat map (overlays colors on a map to indicate signal strength) with a wireless survey tool is a must for predicting when and where you’re going to have Wi-Fi problems. Armed with that information, you can shift your Wi-Fi arrays around to provide maximum coverage -- or at least be aware of when some new office arrangements may trigger a bunch of trouble tickets.

Price: Free
Developer: NetSpot Team. Etwok, LLC

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.6 or later 

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