Windows Server 2012 Release Preview: Compelling new features

Much easier DirectAccess deployment and a full-scale dynamic access control system are among the key benefits.

By Jonathan Hassell, Computerworld |  Operating Systems, Microsoft, Windows Server

And finally, a new Express Remote Access Wizard included in the release candidate build removes nearly all of
the complexity from setting up DirectAccess. In just seven clicks, an administrator can run through a wizard and
have a working DirectAccess setup immediately.

DirectAccess is a hugely powerful technology that has big implications for companies with largely remote
workforces as well as organizations with traveling sales workers and other business users. Now you can touch them,
and they can touch you, wherever they are with Internet connectivity. It's a huge win for IT and I was pleased to
see these refinements and the removal of these large hurdles to adoption.

The last word

I've been pessimistic about Windows 8 as a client. I
simply don't understand some of the changes that have been made and don't fully buy into the value proposition on
the Metro interface and touch. On the server end, though, I am a full 180 degrees opposite: I love the things that
are happening in Windows Server 2012.

From much easier deployment for DirectAccess to a full-scale file classification and dynamic access control
system, to better user experiences for companies deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure, the improvements in
Windows Server 2012's release candidate build are palpable and compelling. Chances are, there's something in there
for you.

Jonathan Hassell runs 82 Ventures LLC, a consulting firm based out of Charlotte, N.C. He's also an editor with
Apress Media LLC. Reach him at

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