Windows 8 Finally Makes 'Windows' Make Sense

By Rob Enderle, CIO |  Operating Systems, windows 8

Fast forward 10 years, assuming Microsoft is successful, and I think the Windows interface will be cloud-based, not device-based, and booting as a service. In a way, Redmond is moving to the thin-client model, but it's defining this movement in a way that, when Microsoft does arrive, the technology will be ready for it. (The tech isn't broadly available yet, but services such as OnLive show it is closer than many think it is.)

The end result: computing that's delivered across every device with a screen like a utility, with one subscription for access that will likely be split between personal and business uses. Of course, there's every likelihood that what we currently imagine the experience to be will be vastly different than what it is-but it will also be closer to the name Windows than ever before.

Rob Enderle is president and principal analyst of the Enderle Group. Previously, he was the Senior Research Fellow for Forrester Research and the Giga Information Group. Prior to that he worked for IBM and held positions in Internal Audit, Competitive Analysis, Marketing, Finance and Security. Currently, Enderle writes on emerging technology, security and Linux for a variety of publications and appears on national news TV shows that include CNBC, FOX, Bloomberg and NPR.

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