Five Linux predictions for 2013

This past year was a great one for Linux, but the upcoming one promises to be even better.

By Katherine Noyes, PC World |  Operating Systems, Linux

Now that the final curtain is about to drop on the year that was 2012, there's no better time to look ahead and try to anticipate what 2013 will bring.

Predictions have been coming fast and furious throughout the tech press for some time already, of course, but not many focus on Linux.

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With that in mind, here are some things I think we'll see in the Linux world in this upcoming year.

1. The 'tiny' trend

There's been no end in sight to the excitement over the Raspberry Pi this year, and it's just one in an ever-growing class of tiny, inexpensive, Linux-powered PCs. It's a real revolution in computing, as I've said before, with potentially huge implications for society and the world. I predict this trend is going to continue into 2013 and beyond, as free, open source, and resource-efficient Linux enables ever smaller and cheaper computing options.

2. Increasing ubiquity

One would already be hard-pressed to find a major company or aspect of the technological world that doesn't rely on Linux in some way, but that's clearly going to increase further. Not only are all these new "tiny" devices putting Linux into more consumers' hands--even beyond what it has already achieved through Linux-based Android--but it's also increasingly playing a role in the gaming world, for instance, as well as in cars and beyond. With its small size, flexibility, openness, and low cost, there's virtually no limit on the places and ways it can be used to improve life for everyone.

3. Fully competitive at last

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