Calling all GNOME 2 fans: Meet Fuduntu Linux 2013.1

Offering a classic desktop experience, this distro just got a major upgrade.

By Katherine Noyes, PC World |  Operating Systems, Fuduntu, gnome 2

On the entertainment side, both Netflix and Steam are now available, for instance. Fuduntu also now supports Nvidia optimus  technology, and Cairo is included as the new dock for the software.

Sudo is now enabled for all new installs, and Wine has been upgraded to version 1.5.18, complete with Windows codec improvements, fixes for OLE database support, improvements to system parameters management, improved XML support, and more.

Also included in Fuduntu 2013.1 are Linux kernel 3.6.9, Gimp 2.8.2, Thunderbird 17, Firefox 17, Chromium 23.0.1271.97, VLC 2.0.5, and 1.12.

Enduring popularity

Is there any end in sight to GNOME 2's ongoing popularity?

I'm not so sure. Not only has the GNOME project itself given into the need for a "legacy" mode option in the upcoming GNOME 3.8, but Fuduntu lead developer Andrew Wyatt reportedly plans to maintain GNOME 2 for the distro himself, if necessary.

In the meantime, you can download Fuduntu Linux 2013.1 yourself for free in 32- and 64-bit versions from the Fuduntu site.

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