Why I continue to jailbreak

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But as iOS has evolved, users have had fewer reasons to jailbreak. Screenshots are now as simple as briefly holding down the on/off and home buttons. You can project an iOS device's interface pretty simply. Apple has provided more ways to customize the interface. Tethering is now available (but not freely so with some carriers). Apps such as PhoneView make it possible to pull important files off your device. And the carriers and Apple have loosened up on what you can and can't do over a cellular network.

Jailbreaking for work and play

Yet when I saw that evasi0n was in the wild, I didn't hesitate to jailbreak my iPhone and iPad. Why?

I'm now too old for the leather jacket and hipster language that would define me as a rebel. And I don't hold any truck with those who think they're sticking it to The Man by skirting a device's protections. I jailbreak to gain features that make my iPhone and iPad more useful. Specifically, I jailbreak to add a couple of forbidden apps.

The first is Ryan Petrich's $4 DisplayOut (available through the Cydia store). This is the app I once used to project a device's interface when Apple didn't provide that functionality. Although I no longer need it for that purpose, it offers one feature that I can't live without when I'm giving an iOS-based presentation: the ability to display finger taps.

At the recent Macworld/iWorld conference, I did a presentation entitled "How to Play 'Louie Louie' on Your iPad in Under 5 Minutes." That talk required that I run GarageBand from my iPad and that the audience see exactly what strings, keys, chords, and controls I was tapping on. Without my taps being denoted by the white circles DisplayOut provides, the audience would have been lost.

The other app is something that I use for play rather than work: UnrestrictPremium2. The idea is simple and worthy. iOS devices are capable of projecting most of their video over AirPlay or a wired video connection. UnrestrictPremium2 changes that most to nearly all.

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