So Long, Cinnamon: Cinnarch Linux is reborn as Antergos

GNOME 3 is now the default desktop in this newly renamed Linux distribution.

By Katherine Noyes, PC World |  Operating Systems, Linux

Regular PCWorld readers may recall Cinnarch, a Linux distribution I covered last fall that combined Arch Linux with the relatively new and alternative Cinnamon desktop environment.

Cinnarch was just in beta at the time, but recently the project team behind it announced that they planned to abandon Cinnamon  as a default desktop, calling it "too much a burden to maintain/update going forward."

Making good on their promise, the team this week announced the birth of Antergos, a brand-new Arch-based Linux distribution that's based on GNOME 3 instead.

'Modern, elegant, and powerful'

"After a month since our last release under the name 'Cinnarch,' we're glad to announce the new name of our project and our first release being out of beta," the team wrote in a post on Sunday. "We're stable enough to make this step.

"Antergos," they added, is a Galician word "to link the past with the present."

Still based on Arch Linux, the distro aims to provide a "modern, elegant, and powerful operating system" that's both easy to use and customizable.

Four desktop options

Antergos is notable not just for its use of GNOME 3 by default, but also for its Cnchi graphical installer, shown below, which now lets users opt to install Cinnamon, Xfce, or Razor-qt as well.

"You may wonder why Razor-qt and not KDE," the project team wrote. "Well, this one was just like an experiment with QT desktops, actually, selecting Razor-qt will install also KDE because we still have to figure out some QT packages to use."

Numerous bug fixes were also incorporated in Antergos, which should be installed as a replacement by all Cinnarch users. Directions for doing so are provided on the Antergos site, as are free, downloadable .iso images for 32- and 64-bit computers.

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