Switch to Mac: How to find your favorite Windows features in OS X

By Alex Wawro, Macworld |  Operating Systems, Mac OS, OS X

I made the jump from Windows 8 to Mac OS X a few months back, when I started carrying a Macbook Pro for work. Let me tell you, the scariest part of moving from a Windows PC to a Mac is the prospect of losing access to the tools and utilities you use on a daily basis. What I realized, though, is that many of the features and tools I relied on in Windows are also available in OS X. You just have to know where to look.

As I discovered, software is rarely an issue: The lion's share of your favorite programs have Mac analogues, and the growing popularity of subscription services like Office 365 and Adobe's Creative Cloud make it easy to seamlessly transition your software licenses from a Windows PC to a Mac. You can also bring most of your Windows peripherals with you, though you might have more fun exploring the wonderful world of Apple accessories.

For me, the real struggle was trying to translate all the everyday tasks I found so simple in Windows but so confusing in OS X. When you don't know where to go to adjust volume levels or capture screenshots, every day can be an exercise in frustration. (Unconsciously reaching for the Start menu every five minutes certainly made me feel like a huge rube.) So I did what any good tech geek would do: I ventured out into the unknown and made myself a translation guide for all my basic tools, shortcuts, and gestures. And now I want to share them with you.

This short video walks you through some of the most common Windows tasks--including changing your settings, taking out the trash, and jotting down notes--on OS X so you can translate your Windows skills to a new Mac with minimal hassle. Becoming an expert in anything takes time--but hopefully this will help you feel a little more confident when navigating the waters of OS X.

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