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Pandora on Xbox ONe

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Should Microsoft have aimed higher with Windows 10?

Its specs match the last three versions of the OS, meaning it can run on hardware from 2006. Is that good?

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The 12 best free apps for your new Android Phone

If you find a new Android phone (maybe a Nexus 6?) in your stocking, you’ll want to stock it with this collection of indispensable apps.

top 10 2014

10 tech developments that made 2014 an amazing year

This year saw PCs bounce back, the Internet of Things take on meaning, attacks become blended and massive, Google Glass getting people beat up … and much more.


Maximizing Microsoft’s Azure for dev, test, and devops scenarios

Microsoft's Azure cloud platform has evolved far beyond its original offering of Platform as a Service to host .NET applications.

Why organizations fail to create value from analytics, part 1

Many companies are striving to expand their data analysis initiatives, but struggle to understand how to create economic value from analytics

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The Xbox One can’t do everything [CARTOON]

Some things just shouldn’t be done by voice command, particularly during the holidays

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Vessel tries to lure video creators away from YouTube with promise of bigger revenue.

Vessel is a new online video service that thinks viewers will pay to see content before it hits YouTube.

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Google delivers an early Christmas gift: Google Drive support for ODF

Google, in a surprise move, today announced support for ODF (Open Document Format) in its products.

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Coder, sell thyself

But don’t think your success as an independent contractor will require you to become anything like a used-car salesperson. It’s still your skills at the keyboard that will make all the difference.

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How to make your iOS device feel more like Android (and vice versa)

Mobile apps reviewer James A. Martin shares apps that give iOS users a taste of Android and let Android users peep into Apple's walled garden.

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Your new iPhone 6 Plus needs these 8 free apps

Landscape mode takes on a whole new meaning for apps and games on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Sony is bringing Playstation 4 to China; prompts a price cut from Microsoft

Meanwhile here in the US, the Xbox One outsold the Playstation 4 in November, the first time it has done so since December 2013.

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Top 10 evaluation criteria for copy data management & data virtualization

Data virtualization has the potential to deliver massive advancements in data agility and data center utilization. Your task: Separate vendor marketing hype from reality.

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The 12 days of Unix

The 12 Days of UnixYour first twelve days using Unix can be some of the most eye-opening and insightful days in your career.  How do you pass on the excitement of Unix to new users?  You sing to them!On the first day of Unix, my...

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Do you know the laws that govern personal information in the cloud?

Keep your eyes open to data privacy regimes and cross-border communication.


Buzzwords and jargon just aren’t revolutionary anymore

As tech cultures collide with mainstream culture, tech buzzwords have led to serious consequences. Techno jargon is partially to blame for the demise of a 100-year-old magazine as well as general confusion in the C-suite.

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Sony scandal highlights why we need to rethink email

Email isn’t as secure as it once was -- and it was never that secure to begin with. The recent Sony scandal proves that you need to remind employees that email isn’t private and it could become public accidentally or on purpose.

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Most (not all) of Microsoft's shiny new MSN apps are worth a download

Microsoft continues to aggressively expand beyond Windows with a set of new MSN-branded apps for Windows, Android and iOS.

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