Scribd gets even better with influx of audio books from Penguin Random House

Nine thousand new audiobook titles are added to the existing library of ebooks, audiobooks and comics.

Cartoon with Clippy and Internet Explorer in retirement

Cartoon about a man buying an Apple-1 because it was the cheapest Apple product he could find.

The Apple-1 is starting to feel like a bargain [CARTOON]

The cost of new Apple products is starting to make the cost of vintage Apple products seem reasonable.


4 smart reasons business intelligence startup Domo will double its revenue this year

Doubling revenue and customers in one year is no small accomplishment for a company that, for the past few years, barely answered any questions about their product or showed off a public demo.There are four main reasons for the...

workflows ios app

3 Apple Watch productivity apps you should start using now

Productivity geeks have three apps to look forward to on the Apple Watch: two from IFTTT, and a watch version of Workflow. Go ahead and start using these iOS apps now, so you'll be ready when your watch arrives.


FOSS compliance becomes more important

Free and open-source software could be subject to new compliance requirements.

A woman imitating the pose of a statue next to her

Don’t be duped: Beware of these Twitter parody accounts

No, Mark Zuckerberg and these other tech celebrities aren’t really following you on Twitter

Twitter logged out home page

Twitter rolls out cool new feature but won't let Twitter users access it.

Twitter's new homepage sports curated lists of interesting Twitter users grouped by topic. The only catch is you can't access it if you're logged in.

Netflix Audio Description

Netflix makes Daredevil accessible to visually challenged people

New Audio Description feature rolls out for Netflix's latest original series: a show about a blind superhero.

Game of Thrones season premier streaming report card

Game of Thrones is the first major HBO event to stress test HBO Now and Sling TV's HBO streaming channel. So how did they hold up, and how did they compare to the established HBO Go service?

elementary os freya

Elementary OS releases Freya

Will the beautiful "Mac OS X for Linux" affect the adoption of Linux on desktops?

blind mans buff

Discovering a blind eye to vulnerabilities

A scanner that doesn’t have the proper permissions is going to miss a lot of vulnerabilities. Why did I have to learn this the hard way?

lumo alphabet floor

Why floors, walls and ceilings are the next interface

After all these years of 'computerization,' something wonderful is about to happen: Our interface to the world of computers will leap off the screen onto the walls, floors, ceilings, tabletops, windows and other surfaces in our homes...

Fitbit in a pocket

Get more from your Fitbit with these 3 iOS apps

Third-party iOS apps can give you more data about your Fitbit activities, friends, and devices than Fitbit's official apps.

CIO find value in advisory boards

How CIOs can wring value from customer advisory boards

A vendor's customer advisory council can be a great venue for CIOs to provide feedback about IT products and services -- but only if you get the chance to speak. If it's a long-winded sales pitch, run!

linux 1040

How Unix systems administration is like filing your taxes

It's almost our least favorite day of the year -- Tax Day! And with a good portion of us e-filing and some of us even expecting a refund, maybe it's a good time to review how what we do as Unix sysadmins is not all that unlike...

gnome bear

The 5 best distros for the Gnome desktop

Gnome is a great great desktop environment that offers an elegant and simplified Linux experience. These are the 5 best distros for Gnome that offer it as the default DE.

Cartoons about a robot holding a guy's hand as he asks for a raise, sees the doctor, etc.

Robot hand-holders are finally here! [CARTOON]

Who couldn’t use a robot that will hold your hand and shepherd you through the hard times?

How much would you pay for an ad-free YouTube?

YouTube's long rumored subscription service has now been confirmed, but price is still being determined.

Galaxy S5

That old smartphone is worth more than you think

It's not difficult to find online buyers for your old smartphones, and these three sites can help you get the best prices.

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