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holy grail

When it comes to the "next big thing," IT can’t afford to choose poorly

How does IT decide what to choose and what to do with that choice?

swotanalysis ts

What Fiorina and Trump can learn from SWOT

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis can help your company face its greatest challenges and achieve success. Columnist Rob Enderle demonstrates how to use the SWOT framework by applying it to the two...

Cartoon of a girl creating an emoji passcode for her dad

ITworld cartoons 2015: The year in geek humor (so far)

Each week, ITworld's Phil Johnson pokes fun at the tech world's top news and newsmakers

New version of Xbox One's NFL app launches, promises enhanced stats and more

Unfortunately you can't watch NFL Game Pass on it. At least not yet.

Cartoon for Windows 95 20th anniversary

Hopefully, Windows 95 is just a memory [CARTOON]

Microsoft’s historic OS turned 20 this week, giving some people a people a chance to reminisce and others a reminder that it’s time to upgrade.

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Why there is no longer a good reason to jailbreak your Apple TV

The Apple TV was once the lone good option for those looking to stream media to their TV on the cheap. That's no longer the case.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming: what it does right and what it needs to work on

Overall I think YouTube gaming is off to a good start but there are still some missing pieces...

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KDE's Plasma 5.4: The most advanced and beautiful Linux desktop

Plasma 5.4 brings some much-awaited improvements to the KDE desktop environment.

A team of people building a human tower

9 things you need to know to run a successful software development team

Experienced software engineering leaders share what it takes to get the most out of your team.

TuneIn Premium

TuneIn adds new Premium tier: ad-free radio, live MLB coverage, audio books and more

$8/month gets you access to 600 commercial free radio stations and live play-by-play coverage of MLB games.

chuck norris

How Apache Ranger and Chuck Norris help secure Hadoop

The Hadoop ecosystem has always been a bag of parts, each of which needs to be secured separately -- at least they did need that, until Apache Ranger came to town.

binary data

Managing data in a mobile and cloud world

A simple strategy for standardizing metadata can improve decision-making, data governance and data security.

Backpacking on a smartphone

Auto-deleting messages taking off, says survey

Close to half of young people are electing to use messaging apps that auto-delete sent messages, a survey has found.

Comcast expanding its Internet Essentials program to seniors and working on higher speed options for everyone

It'll take 2-3 years to cover all its customers, but the plan is to offer gigabit service to everyone willing to pay.

best practices

Hiring an information security vendor? Use these best practices.

Companies should take great care when hiring a party that will be granted access to its most sensitive systems and data.

Hadoop sign door

The 7 most common Hadoop and Spark projects

Think you're breaking new ground with your Hadoop project? Odds are it fits neatly into one of these seven common types of projects.

topgolf driving range the colony texas

Inside look at TopGolf's high tech driving ranges

TopGolf transforms the traditional driving range with a technology-infused, gamified experience for golfers of all levels. CIO.com's Lauren Brousell talks with TopGolf's CIO and shares a personal experience at one of its facilities in...

Nvidia's new GeForce Experience beta lets friends play your games remotely

It sounds a lot like the PS4's Shareplay feature, and it arrives in beta form next month.

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