Cartoon of a drone and a guy sitting on a couch drinking beer
Cartoon about a dad who's Snapchat is stuck blinking 12:00

FOVE VR visor

FOVE is a VR visor that includes eye tracking technology

The perks that come with "foveated rendering" are interesting but will the install base be large enough to make it worthwhile for developers to support it?

geeky places to visit before you die

Geeky places to visit before you die

If you like reliving geek history, you’ll want to add visiting these places to your nerd bucket list

Should I learn Java? Maybe, maybe not.

Reader Question: Should I learn Java? My Answer: Maybe, maybe not. I often receive questions from readers asking if they should learn a specific technology, such as Java, PL-SQL, HTML, JavaScript and/or other base technology. On...

Let the music take you....on a run with Spotify

Spotify announced several new features yesterday including Spotify Running, a system that matches music to your running cadence.

Microsoft is kicking its mobile Office suite for Android into gear with free, preview-versions.

Upgraded Office for Android previews are ready

New, pre-release versions of updated Microsoft Office apps are available now for testing.

The Witcher subtitle example

I needed the Playstation 4's accessibility options to play The Witcher III and they didn't work!

Sony added accessibility options to the Playstation 4 in Software Update 2.50 but I've never needed them until now, when I learned a harsh lesson. Developers need to support them in order for them to work.

David Letterman

David Letterman’s top 5 tech innovations

As the fabled late night talk show host prepares to retire, a look back on a handful of unique technology firsts that he and his shows gave the world over the last 30 years.


How to convert users to Linux

There are two ways of converting users to Linux: My way or the hard way

Report: Valve OpenVR joins OSVR (open source virtual reality) initiative

All these upcoming VR visors are going to need software to drive them. What we don't want is a lot of VR fragmentation and getting many companies behind a single initiative is a good start.

Jose Morales, VP of corporate development Atlasssian

How to drive growth in tech start-ups: 3 Steps

Jose Morales, VP of corporate development at enterprise software company Atlasssian, shares how the company positioned itself for growth.

opensuse tumbleweed

How to move to openSUSE Tumbleweed

Should you switch to openSUSE Tumbleweed? And how to make the move if you do decide to try the adventurous side of Linux.

Facebook's Instant Articles

Facebook: The other Internet

People use search engines and other means to discover places to do these things. But Facebook envisions an end to all that. It envisions a world in which people use only one site or one app: Facebook.

Michelle Zatlyn, cofounder and head of user experience at Cloud

2 problems every tech startup must solve

In this video from DEMO Traction in San Francisco on April 22, 2015, Michelle Zatlyn, cofounder and head of user experience at web performance and security company CloudFlare, details the issues entrepreneurs should -- and shouldn’t...

Looking offshore

When is offshoring software development the wrong choice? 7 don'ts to remember

Offshoring can be a valid option, but only for the right projects and the right reasons. Here’s how to know for sure if it’s the wrong choice.

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Is Linux right for you?

How do you know if you are a potential candidate to become a Linux user? It's this simple: What's the first app you fire up after booting into your system? If you said 'browser', then you are a potential Linux user.

test data

Poor test data costs industry billions per year

The problem with test data is that fully testing if code is ready for production requires a parity copy of production data, yet creating full parity copies of production data is often too onerous for most QA teams to manage. Here's...

Twitch on Roku

Twitch.TV (finally) comes to the Roku

There's been an Unofficial Twitch channel for Roku streamers for some time, but now we have a full featured official channel.

Cartoon showing AOL downloading Verizon's offer using dial-up modem

Verizon dials-up a big deal [CARTOON]

AOL liked Verizon’s offer to buy the company enough to accept it - once they got done downloading it, of course.

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