Apple Pay fail
Xbox One system

sony smartwatch 3

Android Wear updated with GPS support and offline music

In today's Android roundup: Android Wear now offers offline music listening and GPS functionality. Plus: Five great features you may not know about in Android 5.0, and the best retro games for Android.

lenovo z50

Four can't-miss deals on Intel Haswell PCs

As the holiday season approaches, PC makers are starting to clear their shelves. Here are four must-see deals on PCs with Intel Haswell chips.

ubuntu 14.10 desktop

Ubuntu 14.10 released

In today's open source roundup: Ubuntu 14.10 is available for download and upgrade. Plus: Ars Technica looks at ten years of Ubuntu, and is the 64-bit version of Ubuntu 14.10 better than the 32-bit version?

microsoft garage apps

Microsoft snubs Windows Phone, releases 2 Android-only apps

Microsoft's startup-within-a-big-company, Microsoft Garage, boldly developed two new apps that are only available on Android. (For now, at least.)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 10.1

Barnes & Noble introduces 10" Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK tablet

Unfortunately it comes with an unacceptably low resolution screen.

Programmers' worst nightmares

Frightening to the core: 13 things that give programmers nightmares

This Halloween, if you want to really scare your favorite software developer, forget witches, ghosts and serial killers and think along these lines instead

microsoft garage project

Microsoft's Garage project releases niche apps for Android

In today's Android roundup: Download Microsoft's Garage apps for Android. Plus: The release date of Android 5.0 may have been confirmed, and should you root your Android phone?

gentoo linux too hard to use

Is Gentoo Linux too difficult for newcomers to use?

In today's open source roundup: Gentoo has much to offer experienced Linux users. Plus: Is it easy to avoid systemd in Debian? And Civilization: Beyond Earth is coming to Linux for the holidays.

Satya Nadella

Microsoft's mobile enterprise strategy

How Microsoft can turn it around in the post-PC landscape.

Moritz Wickendorf (CC BY 3.0)

Apple's mobile enterprise strategy

How Apple could boost its sales in the enterprise.

6 things techies can learn from sales

Lessons that can be applied when trying to fund a project, working towards a promotion, and growing your brand.

Google Music All Access Listen Now page

Google rolls out new version of Google Music All Access with Songza playlist integration

Buying Songza was a smart move for Google; Songza's playlists fill a big gap in Google Music's discovery options.

Xbox One

Leak: Xbox One getting HBO Go app soon

The Xbox One already has far more streaming apps than the Playstation 4 and Microsoft looks determined to increase that lead.

apple pay make android users happy

Why Android users should be thrilled about Apple Pay

In today's Android roundup: Apple Pay might get Android users more purchasing privacy. Plus: How to switch from iOS to Android, and Google updates Google Play Music.

coworking space

How a coworking space made me rethink my computing needs

As our workplaces become more flexible and more customizable to our needs, we need to ensure that we choose the right desktop, notebook, and mobile computing options to be successful in those variable workspaces.

apple pay whole foods

My first day with Apple Pay (mostly) a success

Mobile apps reviewer James A. Martin went shopping with his iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Pay at three well-known retailers. The experiment worked well — with one exception.

apple pay amex error

AmEx corporate card users: No Apple Pay for you

American Express supports Apple Pay for personal and small business customers. Unfortunately, AmEx Corporate Card holders are out of luck, for now.

systemd debian fork

Redditor swarmed after asking a question about systemd

In today's open source roundup: A thread about systemd on Reddit turns into a train wreck. Plus: A game is removed from Steam after the developer threatens Gabe Newell, and a review of SparkyLinux 3.5 by DistroWatch.

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