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An elf telling Santa to switch Kim Jong-un to the Nice list.

Is Microsoft the next company to jump on the virtual reality bandwagon?

Reports suggest that Microsoft has changed its tune since last Spring and is prepping some kind of VR visor.

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Unix: 15 things to do better in 2015

2014 drawing to a close presents us all with an opportunity to consider what we might do better in the year to come. And, hint hint, it's not all about working harder.

mcdonalds apple pay

Hold the phone, McDonald’s

The fast food giant’s drive-through Apple Pay implementation is kludgy and uncomfortable for both the customer and the employee. Is anyone testing this stuff?


3 Snapchat alternatives for self-destructing messages

When you care enough to expire your very worst.

Why organizations fail to create value from analytics, part 2

You've got data, you've sussed out facts, you've turned them into insights. Your next task: Align the behavior of all employees that are responsible for the desired outcome.

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I'm done agreeing to NDAs before hearing ideas

Here’s how I can tell you don’t know what you’re doing before I hear your idea: Ask me to sign an NDA.

Google Nest

Why Nest could be your next best investment

Confession: I gave in and ordered the Google Nest a few days ago. It's too early yet to say how soon (or whether) Nest will pay for itself, but I do have some setup tips for you.

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Tech face-off: Apple's Mac Pro vs the 5K Retina iMac

Apple now effectively has two top-end contenders for users who need power and speed.

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In Silicon Valley, do the jerks always win?

We’ve seen a lot of bad-boy behavior out of Silicon Valley, but investors and customers just might say enough already.

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The hottest wireless technology is now sound!

There's been a surge of innovations that harness sound waves to transmit data and do other creative things. Here's what's going on.

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10 tech developments that made 2014 an amazing year

This year saw PCs bounce back, the Internet of Things take on meaning, attacks become blended and massive, Google Glass getting people beat up … and much more.


Maximizing Microsoft’s Azure for dev, test, and devops scenarios

Microsoft's Azure cloud platform has evolved far beyond its original offering of Platform as a Service to host .NET applications.

Pandora on Xbox ONe

Hey Microsoft, the Xbox One needs a 'collapse snap' option

The good news is that there's now a Pandora app for the Xbox One. The bad news is that you still need to run it in a snapped window that eats up a bunch of your screen real estate.

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The 12 best free apps for your new Android Phone

If you find a new Android phone (maybe a Nexus 6?) in your stocking, you’ll want to stock it with this collection of indispensable apps.

Why organizations fail to create value from analytics, part 1

Many companies are striving to expand their data analysis initiatives, but struggle to understand how to create economic value from analytics

Family standing around a menorah, while a boy playing Xbox says Xbox, light the menorah

The Xbox One can’t do everything [CARTOON]

Some things just shouldn’t be done by voice command, particularly during the holidays

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How to be your family's tech-support hero during the holidays

You should never have learned about computers if you didn't want to spend all your time fixing them during the month of December.

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Should Microsoft have aimed higher with Windows 10?

Its specs match the last three versions of the OS, meaning it can run on hardware from 2006. Is that good?

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