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Father refusing to buy a new supercomputer for his teenaged daughter

Everybody has petaflops envy these days [CARTOON]

Supercomputers keep getting faster and more ubiquitous; it won’t be long before your teen wants one


Woojer enhances gaming by letting you feel sound

It works with movies and music too, of course

Crunchyroll on Xbox One

It seemed like the HBO GO app for Xbox One almost launched yesterday

It didn't, but we did get Crunchyroll, MoviePlex Play and Encore Play, I expect HBO Go to arrive very soon.

Apple Pay’s security pros and cons

Taking credit card numbers out of transactions is a helpful step that could alleviate the risk of giant data breaches, but that doesn’t mean the bad guys are going to give up and become accountants.

unbundling mobile apps

Best Android and iOS Apps of Fall 2014

There were some great iOS and Android apps released during the past three months, including presentation software, a unique ebook reader and a valuable GPS navigation app.

barbie computer engineer

Barbie can be a computer engineer--with a man's help

This book is full of horrible stereotypes about women in technology and is rightly being soundly criticized from all corners of the web

uber driver

Uber scandal highlights Silicon Valley's bad behavior

Uber's latest scandal just highlights the problems inherent in so many aspects of the Silicon Valley startup scene.

smartphone encryption

Smartphone encryption – What does it mean to you?

Why are legislators considering going to Congress for access to our cell phones?

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Growing a business: Double, double, toil and trouble

Every company wants to experience rapid growth, but if you’re not prepared, you could be in for a lot of pain.


MICA is a "smart accessory" that lets you stay connected without the inconvenience of a smartphone

I had no idea carrying a smartphone was such a burden for some people...

google keep collaboration

Google Keep adds sharing and searching by color, edges closer to being the perfect note taking app

With so many free note taking apps available these days, what makes Google Keep special?


If your IT company merges or splits, are you in trouble?

Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are all the rage. Whether you're about to get bigger, smaller or richer, you need to know the signs that things may not go so well.

Cartoon showing Microsoft's Clippy

Even anti-virus software couldn’t protect you from Clippy [CARTOON]

The 19 year-old Windows vulnerability that Microsoft just fixed wasn’t their biggest blunder ever

Sony announces Playstation Vue Internet TV service

Can Sony achieve what companies like Intel could not? An Internet based TV service that delivers live local and network content?

linkedin hottest skills

The most valuable job skills, according to hirers and recruiters on LinkedIn

The majority of the top, most highly desirable skills posted on LinkedIn are tech ones. These are the top 25 skills overall.

Google rolls out paid music service YouTube Music Key

And there's some changes for free listeners as well


What happens when enterprises promote employees with low security IQs

Enterprise bi-polar security disorder: promote employees with low security IQs up the ladder, then beat them down when they exhibit risky behavior.

Nvidia's render compared to the actual photo

Nvidia helps you to debunk Apollo moon landing conspiracies

Some people still believe we never went to the moon and that the moon landing was filmed on a sound stage somewhere. Nvidia has a simulation to help prove that photos of the moon landings are plausible.

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