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marketing automation

Why are marketing automation platforms getting so much VC funding?

Software that aims to automate specific touch-points of the customer acquisition and retention processes have evolved into ubiquitous enterprise tools employed by marketing departments of virtually every size and industry.

mastercard logo 2016

With A.I. announcement, Mastercard goes for the hype

Problems: Mastercard’s approach is nothing new, and its usefulness is extremely limited.


Which iPhone 8 rumors can we trust?

The iPhone 8 is nine months away, but we’re already expecting it to have OLED and wireless charging. Watch the video to find out why.


The 11-point audit for your Salesforce.com system

For most companies, December is the end of the fiscal year. And for business-critical systems, that means lockdown for any system enhancements. How are you going to spend your spare time? Here’s an audit you should be doing on your...

11 iot drone

How to shoot a drone out of the sky

An entire anti-drone industry is emerging. These new tools will enable drone detection, tracking, identification, disabling, and even hacking and hijacking the drones as they fly.

ts vision

How tech vendors can successfully articulate a vision

First, your company needs a vision, then, writes columnist Rob Enderle, it needs to know how to articulate it as Corning does with its Day Made of Glass series.


Emphasizing innovation

Two CIOs say innovation happens in settings where collaboration is paramount and failure is acceptable.


Interview: Robson Grieve, CMO, New Relic

IDG CMO Perspectives provides insight into the state of Marketing across industries from leading business executives. Robson Grieve, Chief Marketing Officer at New Relic, Inc., sat down with Josh London, IDG’s CMO, to share his...

playon cloud

How to watch offline Netflix on a plane (or anywhere else)

The free PlayOn Cloud iOS app is a 'streaming digital video recorder' that lets you watch offline video from Netflix, Hulu and other services. However, it costs 99 cents to capture recordings, and they only last for 30 days.


Review: Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Notify for Women

Frederique Constant's second-generation smartwatch has more beauty than brains.

Google Keep

Why you should start using Google Keep right away

Services like Keep, Evernote and Microsoft OneNote are often called "note-taking apps." But they've grown beyond their roots, now offering collaborative workflow, reminders, checklists, geofencing, optical character recognition, voice...

robots leadership ts

How a social robot could make our leaders better

Columnist Rob Enderle writes that a Socially Aware Robot Assistant, or SARA, designed to read and learn from human behavior could be a massive help making companies and governments more successful.


4 great gifts for mobile professionals

These four gifts for gadget lovers are guaranteed not to be re-gifted.

tech spending to rise

Rationalizing tech spending

For digital transformation initiatives to succeed, IT leaders must focus on managing money -- whether they like it or not.

turkishbride elgan

How lifelogging will become easy and automatic

Before, only academic supergeeks tracked and recorded everything to achieve a photographic memory. But now you can, too.

success failure street signs

How a CEO assessment model might predict Trump’s success or failure

Columnist Rob Enderle uses a CEO assessment model to ascertain whether President-elect Donald Trump is likely to be a success or a failure.

Azure Stack Portable - External

Azure Stack Portable – The Enterprise Cloud (in a Briefcase)

Running Microsoft’s Azure Stack enterprise cloud in a portable briefcase enables anywhere / anytime testing and the demonstration of Microsoft’s latest cloud technology!


Does Apple really want to kill Automator, AppleScript?

Shock termination of veteran Apple developer guru sends shockwaves across the Mac community

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