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A couple sitting on the couch in front a smart TV, speaking under a Cone of Silence

Cartoon of a man holding a leash attached to a drone

The FAA is being a serious drone buzzkill [CARTOON]

The government doesn’t want Amazon, or anyone else, having much fun with their unmanned aircraft.

Razor OSVR visor

Razer and Leap Motion team up to bring hand tracking to OSVR headset

OSVR stands for Open Source VR and it is Razer's attempt to bring VR to develop a system that anyone can get involved with.

Handshake deal in the semiconductor/computer chip industry

Cisco: Dealing with the vendor behind the VARs

Most of Cisco's business happens through its VARs, which complicates your dealings with the company. But there are some techniques to keep in mind.

google keep labels and reminders

Google Keep vs. Evernote vs. other notetaking tools?

What's the best app if you want the simplest way to jot down random notes? Other than pen and paper?

Sony rolling out Playstation 4 system software 2.50 today

Lots of goodies in this update; lets go over a few of the major new features.


Watch out Microsoft Office, Google Docs, LibreOffice Online is coming

Users may soon be able to use LibreOffice online, just like Google Docs and Office Online.


Web design trend predictions for 2016 - 2017

Predicting design trends for 2015 is so 2013. Here's where I see the web going when looking out a couple of years.


Vessel launches and offers a free year of premium service to early adopters

CuriosityStreams, a service devoted to science and technology streams, has launched as well!

crystal ball

A few technology predictions

We’re three years away from big changes in the world of technology and IT. Here are some thoughts on what will happen before then.

gnome 316

Gnome 3.16 sneak peek: A preview from the eyes of a KDE Plasma user

The next major release of Gnome (3.16) is scheduled to be released on March 25. Here is a pre-release, sneak peek of the upcoming release.

Sign on a wall that says Quality Starts Here

Quality is line one: 8 characteristics of good software code

When developers dish on what makes some source code particularly “good,” these qualities tend to get mentioned frequently.

Twitch.TV to broadcast Ultra Music Festival this weekend. Just change your password before then.

Good news for Twitch: They snatched broadcast rights for UMF away from YouTube. Bad news for Twitch: They may have been hacked.

airline travel

Report ranks cellular networks at top 50 U.S. airports

RootMetrics tested the data performance of the four leading U.S. wireless carriers at the country's 50 busiest airports. Verizon was the clear winner, Sprint the loser.

business innovation thinkstock

Super-powered users will drive tech innovation

A massive power shift is underway that will give individuals and tiny firms more freedom to create amazing things – things that would have likely died in the bureaucracy of a large company.

t mobile

T-Mobile ups the ante for business wireless with custom support, flat-rate data

T-Mobile announced 'no haggle' wireless plans for business, along with customized technical support, and free domains and website hosting for SMBs.

VR or AR, which do you prefer? Either way, here're a pair of videos offering a glimpse of things to come

It's an exciting time for fans of virtual reality as consumer-grade headsets get closer and closer to launch. HTC cautions us that the first consumer product, the Vive, isn't going to be cheap. Hey and let's not forget AR technologies...

Cartoon with Clippy and Internet Explorer in retirement

Internet Explorer’s golden years are looking dim [CARTOON]

Microsoft is sending the browser we all love to hate into retirement, whether IE likes it or not.

chromecast backdrop

4 nifty things your Chromecast can do

Exploit the full potential of your $35 device.

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