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google cocktail search1

3 things you didn't know you could do using Google

Whether you're looking for a recipe for the perfect martini or the best deal on auto insurance, Google has you covered thanks to a handful of new search features.

Mobile marketing apps

6 must-have mobile apps for digital marketers

If you do any sort of SEO, set social media strategy or work on other digital marketing initiatives, you'll want to add these six iOS and Android apps to your arsenal.

Guy hungover on New Year's Day, asking Siri for a hangover cure.

ITworld cartoons 2015: The year in geek humor (so far)

Each week, ITworld's Phil Johnson pokes fun at the tech world's top news and newsmakers

Steam Controller

Steam Machines hit the Steam Store

None of them ship until November 2015 but at least you can browse specs if you've bought into the SteamOS dream.

Cartoon of a man getting yelled at for putting his feet up on the phone charger (a coffee table)

IKEA’s phone charging furniture will revolutionize home arguments [CARTOON]

Expect the Swedish furniture maker’s newest offerings to have a big impact on your home life, in more ways than one.

devops one more time

Is DevOps doomed?

The lack of clarity around DevOps is undercutting its success.

traction watch 625x416 white gray small

Micro-training platform uses 60-second videos teach corporate employees new skills

Major corporations such as Chevron, Pitney Bowes, ReachLocal, and Sotheby's International Realty now use the micro-training platform.

Shield Console and Controller

Nvidia's newest Shield device is a set-top box that streams games from the cloud

It's powered by the new Tegra X1 chip and is Ultra-HD ready.


4 things you (probably) didn't know you can do with Chrome for Linux

Here are some of the things a Linux user would not be able to do without Chrome.

ellen pao1

’Thought leadership’ means never having to say you’re discriminating

In an industry where buzzwords fly, terms like ‘team player,’ ‘salesmanship,’ ‘innovative’ and ‘thought leadership’ are hardly benign. In fact, they are sometimes code words that mask bias and sexual discrimination.


Tell your phone carrier to block 'robocalls'

A consumer advocacy group posted an online petition that demands carriers create tools to block those annoying and intrusive 'robocalls.' Here's why you should take a minute to show your support.

mr spock

LLAP, Star Trek tech!

The death of Leonard Nimoy brings to mind how far-reaching the Star Trek legacy has been.

HTC Vive

Valve and HTC partner to bring Vive VR visor to market for holiday 2015

We knew Valve would be showing some kind of VR Visor at this week's Game Developers Conference. What we didn't know was that the company was working with HTC, who unveiled the hardware at the Mobile World Congress on Sunday.

krita user interface

Photoshop competitor Krita is a true creative tool -- and it's free and open source

Expensive, closed source tools won’t make you an artist; if you are an artist Krita will help you shine.

Valve VR headset?

Speculating on what Valve is bringing to the Game Developers Conference

The 2015 Game Developers Conference is next week. Valve skipped holding its own "Developer Days" and instead is supposed to have a big presence at GDC.

opensuse soft

Half a dozen reasons why openSUSE is a great OS for your PC

Here are a few reasons I use openSUSE and why its one of the best choices in the GNU/Linux world.

Artificial intelligence and digital identity

Digital religion and artificial wisdom

Will computers be getting religion as they attain their own intelligence? And if so, what will that mean for us humans?

Strange bedfellows: Vimeo makes a deal with Machinima

Vimeo sent gamers packing 7 years ago but now they seem to be coveting gamer culture, if not the games themselves.

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