Japan has a new revision of the PS4 that uses less power and runs cooler

The problem is we don't know when it'll come to other regions.

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Security threats and why you never want to name anything

A debate is raging over what to call a new breed of security software -- User Based Analysis or Active Breach Detection. Call it what you will, writes Rob Enderle. Just don’t be the one to name it.

The road warrior’s essential mobile toolkit: Summer edition

Survive vacation! A mobile toolkit for the road

Off the beaten path doesn’t mean offline, as long you take these mobile essentials with you.

Cartoon of a man cutting the vacuum cleaner cord instead of the cable cord

ITworld cartoons 2015: The year in geek humor (so far)

Each week, ITworld's Phil Johnson pokes fun at the tech world's top news and newsmakers

Cartoon of Taylor Swift asking a guy to sign up for Apple Music

Why you should sign up for Apple Music [CARTOON]

If you haven’t yet tried out Apple’s new streaming music service, Taylor Swift would like to have a word with you.

Dear Hulu: I like you and all, but why are you so confusing?

Logically I understand that it is licensing issues that prevents Hulu from offering a unified experience across web and devices but that doesn't mean I have to like it. And what's this deal with Pluto.tv all about?

Cartoon about a man sleeping through the leap second

How did you spend your leap second? [CARTOON]

Here’s hoping everybody used the extra time this week wisely!

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Roundcube reaches its crowdfunding goal

The crowdfunding campaigns shows that Open Source is not about free of cost software.

Apple Music in iTunes

Apple Music: a desktop user's perspective

If you're not an iOS user, there's not a lot to differentiate Apple Music from other streaming services.

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These 3 Android, iOS apps simplify and speed up social sharing

The Suggestions, Buffer and Klout apps are all designed to help you find unique and relevant stories to share with your social followers. For the most part they deliver, but each has its own set of drawbacks and limitations.

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In pursuit of progress: The more we develop, the more flawed our code becomes

What do struggles over Marriage Equality and the Confederate Flag have to do with Software?

When data quality doesn't matter

Data quality does not matter if you're not afraid of negative consequences.

Why isn't anyone talking about the botched Apple Music launch?

Apple Music launched earlier today for folks using an iOS device. Other platforms, like Mac and Windows users, didn't get the required iTunes updates to use the service.

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8 backup and security tips for frequent fliers

Do your data security plans include recovery contingencies for when you’re traveling?

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Verizon shines in extensive U.S. wireless speed tests

All four major U.S. carriers improved the speeds of their wireless networks during the past year, and while Sprint made the most gains, Verizon came out with the fastest average downloads nationwide.


The ERP upgrade conundrum: How to calculate the true cost

If you use an old on-premise financial management solution, you have a difficult decision to make over the next few years: do you upgrade the application one last time and get a few more years out of it or move to a modern cloud...

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Is facial recognition a threat on Facebook and Google?

Photo recognition is so good on Facebook and Google that they don't even need to see your face to ID you. Now what?

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Are in-body microchips set for office life?

Work getting under your skin? It will be if pet-style, embedded-in-hand radio chips take off.

Hands on with Gamefly Streaming

If you've got an Amazon Fire TV, a controller, and a broadband Internet connection you can now play console-quality games for less than $10/month. But how well does it work?

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