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Sony Playstation 4 gets a price drop in US and Canada today

Also purchases 3D tracking company SoftKinetic,

linus torvalds

Linus Torvalds needs to fix the communication bug that is hurting his project

He created Linux and Git. Now we need Torvalds to create a best-of-breed communication style.

Barnes & Noble has been quietly refreshing its Nook hardware

It's a topsy-turvy world where Amazon sells budget reader-tablets and Barnes & Noble offers high end hardware


Developer creates an open source glucose monitoring and tracking app he can trust

There is power in seeing the source code of the things your life relies on.

Microsoft brings new HoloLens demo to Windows 10 event, announces dev kits

Personally I think AR is going to trump VR in the long run, so I'm always excited to learn more about HoloLens.


How algorithms will reshape the business

Frank Buytendijk, VP Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, tells Computerworld why algorithms will reshape business. Buytendijk was at the Gartner Symposium ITXpo 2015 in Orlando, Fla.

What to expect if you choose to test the New Xbox One Experience beta

Up to this point Microsoft's Xbox One Preview Program has delivered fairly polished content. That has changed with the New Xbox One Experience beta.


Why Apple News is a threat to society

The Walled Garden is moving forward to take control of news.

Apple Watch on display in Shenzhen

The cloud of the people: How buying power shifted from vendor to customer

With the advent of digital technology, commerce has quickly transformed the power of the consumer. Tomorrow's cloud will need to be built upon the beneficial cloud infrastructures of today, but it will need to embrace new approaches...

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The joy of non-smoking breaks

Short breaks during the day can improve your mood and productivity. Maybe you should consider taking some non-smoking breaks.

Verizon's ad-supported Go90 mobile video service launches

This feels like a service designed for young people by old people.

Nvidia GRID game streaming service exits beta, rebranded as GeForce Now

It's available for Shield owners starting today for $7.99/month and there's a 3 month trial to whet your appetite.

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Microsoft ends patent disputes with Google

Can we safely assume that this, indeed, is a new Microsoft?

Cartoon of a man focus group-testing a Facebook post

ITworld cartoons 2015: The year in geek humor (so far)

Each week, ITworld's Phil Johnson pokes fun at the tech world's top news and newsmakers

Google Chromecast 2.0

Google announces improved Chromecast 2.0, new Chromecast Audio

New hardware, same low price of $35. What's not to love?

Cartoon of a couple watching the Super Blood Moon without devices

Super Blood Moons are better without devices [CARTOON]

Believe it or not, some people actually enjoyed the recent lunar eclipse without a smartphone in hand.

Cardinal rules of system administration

18 cardinal rules of systems administration

Holding yourself to this set of rules will help to keep your systems running smoothly and your users happy.


The challenges of mobilizing medical records

Officials from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Penn Medicine Information Services talk with Computerworld about how they were able to mobilize medical records for the hospital's doctors and staff.


XcodeGhost: Was Apple negligent?

Apple should never stop improving its vetting process, but some things are clearly the responsibility of the developers.

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