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email blast user attack overload

5 things to do immediately after your email gets hacked

Unfortunately, there's a very good chance your email account will be compromised at some point. These five steps can help you quickly recover and kill any associated bugs that may have laid claim to your computer.

measuer communications

IT’s security metrics and reporting problem: A communication failure

A new challenge for IT is to develop security metrics and reporting that effectively communicate the successes, failures and potential risks of a security program to business audiences in the enterprise.

target on shirt

Why cybersecurity will suffer the same fate in 2015 as it did in 2014

CISOs continue to beg for financial table scraps and the scraps they do get are used to double down on existing technology. The same technology that is failing them now but with a new twist or new buzzwords describing really what they...

A woman in the Microsoft store trying on the Windows HoloLens headset.

When reality needs more augmenting [CARTOON]

Microsoft’s new Windows HoloLens augmented reality headset sounds neat, but don’t expect miracles.

Watch Golden Globe award winner Transparent for free this Saturday

Amazon is letting everyone binge on Transparent this Saturday, and if you like what you see you can sign up for Amazon Prime at a discounted rate.

best worst places to work

5 best and 5 worst places to work

Looking for a new IT gig in 2015? We've compiled a list of the best and worst companies in the tech industry so you know where to apply -- and who to avoid.

After another disappointing quarter, what's left for AMD?

It's really starting to look bad for AMD, and that can only be said so many times before you have to ask if this company can survive. On Tuesday, AMD reported a fourth-quarter loss of $364 million, a major downturn after reporting...

Microsoft HoloLens visor

Xbox and holograms coming to Windows 10

At their Windows 10 press event yesterday Microsoft showed us what Xbox on Windows would be like, and gave us a glimpse of our 'holographic' future.

Taking Steam's new game broadcasting for a spin

Anyone using Steam to purchase and play games can now become a broadcaster with no additional software or effort.

Linus Torvalds giving the middle finger.

11 technologies that tick off Linus Torvalds

If you enjoy a sharply-worded insult, read on. This slideshow’s for you.


LibreOffice finally arrives on Android

Something is better than nothing, but LibreOffice has a long way to go to solve problems that Android users face.

amy cuddy at poptech 2012

How to get started on the tech speaking circuit

Speaking at tech conferences can be fun and rewarding … if you get the basics right.

mark shuttleworth

Are you ready for Ubuntu's drone invasion?

What if your Roomba vacuum cleaner moonlighted as a personal assistant or security guard and took off like a drone as needed? With Snappy Ubuntu Core the sky's the limit.

standing desk logan ingalls

It's time to adopt a standing desk

New reviews of independent studies suggest that sitting too much increases our risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and early death

amazon boxes

Report analyzes Amazon's dynamic pricing strategy

Amazon wants you to think it always has the cheapest prices on the products you plan to buy. A new report, however, proves that isn't the case and provides details on how Amazon picks its prices for certain types of products.

antique clock face

What you can do 5 minutes a week to advance your career

Maintain contacts that can keep your career moving by reaching out to people from your past.

3 ecommerce tactics that can save brick-and-mortar stores

It’s not only the price and the efficiency of the transactions that makes an exchange valuable. Here are three ways retailers can use technology to enhance the in-store experience.

building foundation

Outsourcing contracts: Foundations for success

Your organization shouldn’t enter the process acting like a first-time buyer.

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