• Most SQL users flunk performance test

    Posted February 25, 2014 - 7:00 am

    When it comes to optimizing database queries, a new study suggests that most programmers could use a refresher course
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    0, 1, 2, Go! 8 bad habits you can blame on programming

    Posted December 4, 2013 - 5:03 pm

    Counting from zero instead of one is just one of the many real-life bad habits you can get from being a developer; here are the most common ones
  • How to build an energy-efficient and quiet gaming PC

    Posted May 26, 2012 - 7:30 am

    Are you a gamer with a big electricity bill every month? Are you looking to build a great gaming PC that doesn't sound like a jet engine every time you start playing Diablo III? This build guide is for you.
  • How Microsoft Made PHP Suck Less on Windows

    Posted July 29, 2009 - 7:50 pm

    Windows might be a popular platform for running certain kinds of Web applications. But too many developers have been burnt by trying to deploy PHP applications on a Windows server. Microsoft is aiming to change that. In fact, while you weren't looking, they already made some improvements.
  • How to optimize IT for greater business value

    Posted March 24, 2009 - 9:50 am

    Technology providers used to measure their success only in terms of the classic adage, "on time, within budget, and according to clients' expectations." However, because of the need to be profitable and manage steep competition from both within and outside the enterprise, it is nearly impossible to stay afloat by delivering the bare necessities; barely functional does not cut it anymore.

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