Orange launches TV service for PC, TV and mobiles

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Mobile operator Orange will roll out a "cinéma séries"
service where customers will be able to watch six TV channels and video-on-demand
on their TV, PC and mobile device.

It's the first service of its kind, according to the carrier.

"We are taking our current triple-play offer one step further. Our customers
will be able to choose how, where and when to watch content," said Béatrice
Mandine, director of press relations at Orange.

Orange launched the service at the MIPTV 2008 event in Cannes, which opens
Monday and continues through Friday.

The service will consist of six channels, five plus one duplicated in high
definition, of films and TV programs. At the same time, Orange will offer on-demand
programming to TVs, PCs or mobiles.

To watch movies on mobile phones, users will need 3G (third-generation) service,
and the bigger the screen is on the device the better, according to Mandine.

Content will come in the form of exclusive access to new films and series from
Warner Bros. International Television and HBO, as well as exclusive access to
all new movies from French film producers Fidélité and Gaumont.

Orange cinéma séries will launch first in France in late 2008.
Plans for other countries aren't set. Orange didn't announce pricing, but users
will pay a monthly fee for the service, according to Mandine.

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