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Last updated: March 26, 2010
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It's on! Chinese government responds to Google (with hostility) | Google's China decision ignores conventional wisdom

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Steve Ballmer threatens hapless Microsoftie's iPhone
When one employee tried to take Ballmer's picture with his iPhone, Ballmer grabbed it from him and pretended to stomp on it. Read More


HP Technology Guide for Scalable Business Solutions
This guide features HP’s latest industry leading technologies – products designed to help you build and maintain an infrastructure that delivers the performance you need to drive your best business outcomes. Learn more!


How AOL Transformed their Data
Effective data management is critical to AOL who is constantly leveraging data to grow their audience. See how AOL eliminated their proprietary tools and moved to an open source, standard solution that provided them with the robustness, scalability and price to build processes that used to take days in hours. Read More

It's on! Chinese government responds to Google (with hostility)
The Chinese government has now responded to Google's redirection from the mainland china Google site, which Google has been censoring for the government, to the Hong Kong site, which is far less censored due to special laws governing Hong Kong and Macau. Read More

Google's China decision ignores conventional wisdom
Google's decision to stop censoring search engine results in China, announced in a blog posting Monday, flies in the face of common wisdom when it comes to doing business in the country. Read More

Retailer leaks details on AMD's upcoming 12-core chips
An online retail store is taking orders for Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming 12-core Opteron processors, code-named Magny-Cours, ahead of the official launch. Read More

Myriad tool converts Java apps for Android phones
Mobile software company Myriad Group announced J2Android, which will make it possible for Java-based mobile applications to run on Android-based phones, the company said on Monday. Read More

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Web Security Made Easy
iPrism Web Filter, the TCO leader in Web Security, provides everything you need in a single appliance with easy setup and zero maintenance. iPrism also doesn't require ANY changes to your current network (that includes Citrix!) . Watch an online demo of iPrism and you'll get a $20 Amazon gift card as our way of saying thanks. Learn More

Why Google's move slaps the Chinese government in the face
Google's carefully worded blog post today explaining why they redirected mainland Chinese traffic to the Hong Kong version of Google sounds fair and balanced. In fact, it's a humiliating slap in the face for the Chinese government. Here's why. Read More

Your location privacy is up for grabs
Forget FourSquare. Twitter and Facebook location updates? Feh. Gowalla can go suck eggs. The real action in location will be in direct-to-mobile marketing, according to an interesting article by AdAge's Kunar Patel. He writes: Read More

Red Hat, Novell: Reading the Stock Market Tea Leaves
Novell rejected Elliott's $2-billion acquisition bid over the weekend, and its stock is still high. Meanwhile, what's going on with Red Hat's stock, which is seeing unusual options activity in the days ahead of its next earnings call? Read More

iPad alternatives
Apple's iPad will be available on April 3 and reports suggest that the product is off to a good start, with hundreds and thousands being ordered from Apple's Web site. But the device has faced some criticism for lacking features such as a video camera, USB ports and support for technology called Flash that enables Web video. Read More

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