Paul Kapustka

Paul Kapustka

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Bio: Paul Kapustka is the community manager for Mobile Enterprise 360, where he leads the conversation around mobile workstyles, mobile collaboration, cloud services and mobile management. A longtime journalist who has spent more than two decades covering the information technology business, Paul most recently has been focusing on mobility and how it has changed the computing and collaborative landscape. His newest project outside Mobile Enterprise 360 is a research and analysis operation called WiFi Journal. He is also editor in chief of Mobile Sports Report, which covers the intersection of mobile technology and sports business. Paul is also the founder of Sidecut Reports, a research firm that covered the emergence of 4G technology in the cellular marketplace. Prior to all that Paul has a wealth of experience at numerous trade journals, including GigaOM, Red Herring, CommunicationsWeek and Unix Today. You can contact Paul directly at paul at

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